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1 killed, 2 injured in possible London terrorist attack

(RNN) – British officials are saying one man is dead and two others were injured in a possible terrorist attack in London on Wednesday.

According to BBC News, eyewitnesses said a man was attacked in a street by two men in broad daylight. The two were later shot by officers.

The man who was attacked is reportedly a British soldier.

“The killing in #Woolwich is truly shocking – I have asked the Home Secretary to chair a COBRA meeting,” Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted.

COBRA, or Cabinet Office Briefing Room A, meetings are crisis response committees set up to coordinate the actions of different agencies, including security services, police and local authorities.

According to CNN, both suspects who were shot by police were taken to separate London hospitals to get treated for their injuries.

“I saw one man lying motionless on the ground,” witness Lauren Collins said. “I also saw a car that looked like it had been in a traffic collision. The scene was chaos, there was a lot of police presence.”

A motive for the attack is unknown.

UK Home Secretary Theresa May described it as a “a sickening and barbaric attack.”

The BBC reports that Andrew Parker, director general of MI5 – the British version of the CIA, has been briefed.

One witness told the BBC that two men jumped out of a car and attacked a man who was wearing a Help for Heroes shirt, which is a military charity.

ITV News got gruesome video after the attack of a man with bloodied hands giving a statement to a camera.

“We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you,” he said. “I apologize that women had to witness this today. But in our land, our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government, they don’t care about you.”

The BBC reported sources had told them the men were shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they carried out the attack.

Area schools were placed on lockdown.

It was nearly eight years ago that another major terrorist act rocked the city and left dozens dead.

On the morning of July 7, 2005, four bombs exploded on public transport vehicles, killing 52 people and injuring 700 others. Three bombs exploded one after another on London Underground trains, and the other bomb detonated on a double-decker bus.

Thirty-nine people died in the train explosions, and 13 died when the bomb went off on the upper deck of the bus traveling in Tavistock Square.

The bombers were later confirmed to be four Muslim extremists who were British citizens. They made the bombs using simple materials readily available to the public.

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