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Air marshal accused of taking photos up women’s dresses at BNA


A federal air marshal is accused of using his cell phone to take pictures underneath women’s dresses as they boarded a flight Thursday morning at Nashville International Airport.

Adam J. Bartsch was arrested after boarding Southwest Airlines flight 3132, which was scheduled to fly from Nashville to Tampa, FL.

Bartsch, who was on official duty at the time, was arrested by airport police, and he allegedly admitted to taking the pictures.

TSA spokesman David Castelveter said, in a statement: “TSA does not tolerate criminal behavior. The agency has removed this individual from his current duties and is in the process of suspending or terminating his employment. TSA is cooperating fully with investigators.”

As a father and a grandfather, passenger Rey Collazo says he has no patience for the sort of thing Bartsch was accused of doing.

“Taking pictures of ladies without them even knowing that you’re doing that? That’s bad,” Collazo said. “I mean, he’s a law enforcement officer. C’mon!”

Collazo, who lives in La Vergne, was sitting next to Bartsch when he noticed the alleged actions of the federal air marshal.

“He did it at least three or four times,” Collazo said. “After that, that’s when I looked at him. I says, ‘Man, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.'”

Collazo alerted the flight crew, and in the midst of the confrontation, grabbed Bartsch’s cell phone to keep him from deleting the pictures.

“He was trying to combat me, but I grabbed the phone and crimped on it. Twisted his wrists,” Collazo said.

Bartsch escaped and soon ran from the plane, right into police.

The flight was delayed by about an hour as officers investigated, and Bartsch was then booked into the Metro Jail downtown on a charge of disorderly conduct.

The man who confronted him seems to just wonder how long it had been happening.

“I have a wife. I have a daughter, and I have a granddaughter. And I have zero tolerance for disrespect to any lady,” Collazo said.

Bartsch posted bond Thursday evening and remains out of jail. He lives in Maryland but will return to Nashville to face his disorderly conduct charge next month.

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