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Continuing Together

The Fayetteville team is continuing our advocate work serving local communities. We recently traveled to Wilmington, NC the monthly New Hanover County coalition meeting. We all gathered in the meeting room of the historic St. Stephen AME Church with a group that included prominent members of the community who are advocate leaders in the region. We got the opportunity to speak and tell them about the work Democracy NC does and how they could contribute to our initiatives. We distributed information on what’s happening and showed a short video on the impact of money in politics.

There was a discussion towards the end of the meeting about different organizations and churches sticking and working together. One lady stressed the importance of spreading out our reach instead of all organizations and advocacy groups reaching out to the same people. This group in particular directed their focus on grassroots work in their community.

It was inspiring to see people of diverse backgrounds gather in large numbers to work toward the same goals. I personally found interest in the organization and professionalism of their meeting. I also find it extremely important that we continue to work together in our efforts to keep the community engaged in the work of democracy.

Redeidre Edwards – Fayetteville Team

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