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Democracy NC: Ruling Overturning Gerrymandered Legislative Districts a “Tremendous Victory” for Voters

A three-judge panel ruled Thursday afternoon that North Carolina legislators unconstitutionally used race when they drew legislative boundaries for state House and Senate members. The ruling, which overturned 28 N.C. House and Senate districts, is the latest federal ruling tossing district lines drawn by lawmakers.

Statewide voting rights organization Democracy North Carolina applauded the ruling, calling it a “tremendous victory” for North Carolina voters.

“Today’s federal ruling overturning North Carolina’s racially-gerrymandered legislative districts is a tremendous victory for our state’s voters and for everyone who values fair elections,” said Democracy North Carolina Executive Director Bob Hall. “With computerized precision, GOP lawmakers drew zig-zagging political district lines that separated black voters from white and other voters in order to prevent multi-racial fusion coalitions from electing candidates the Republicans feared. It’s essentially computerized apartheid. It’s also a cynical replay of a strategy from over a century ago that promotes racial division to protect white political supremacy.”

Hall added, “Regardless of political party, North Carolina can do better. It’s time for our state’s leaders to move beyond the nineteenth century.”

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