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Forward Together

The Fayetteville team covered substantial territory in Southeastern NC in our first full week of organizing with Democracy NC. First, we participated in stops of the NAACP’s “Forward Together tour. The passion we witnessed during the tour has been inspiring and being in such rural regions really highlighted the importance of grassroots organizing.

Next, we got to sit in on a morning radio show at a local radio station, WIDU. That was my first time ever being on the radio! We learned that the particular show that had us as guests is important not only for informing the surrounding areas of what’s going on around the state and locally, but also for getting the public involved in the debate.

Our first full week rounded out with Mega Moral Monday. It was a great success and I hope it serves as the turning point in the continuing journey to effect change at the NC Legislature. I think one of the most important organizing strategies the NAACP has taken advantage of is the power of civil disobedience. Although peaceful protest is equally important, civil disobedience is an organizing tactic that brings mass media attention to the issues.

It has also been an honor to represent Democracy NC so far. People really respond to this organization and our materials, such as the legislative report card and the Forward Together video, are great tools to create passion and self-interest in activism. As we move forward in the Southeast Region, I plan to take advantage of every opportunity to grow as a person and learn the foundations of organizing from my field organizer, Nancy Shakir. I can already tell that we will forge relationships with the knowledgeable people who surround us in the Fayetteville office .

Redeidre Edwards –Fayetteville  Team

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