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Fueling the Fire

This was indeed a long but exciting week! We started off protesting at the NC Legislature in Raleigh during Mega Moral Monday. The mass rally was an exciting experience for us as interns, and everyone that came out in support was fired up! Seeing the huge crowd of supporters as well as the number of people who participated in civil disobedience was truly amazing.

On Tuesday, Vibahv and I got a chance to work with the League of Women Voters at a naturalization ceremony where we were witnesses as a group of people became American Citizens. We helped the League register the new citizens to vote, giving them a voice in our democracy. That was a truly heartwarming experience. After that, we went on to Little Rock AME Zion Church to assist the NAACP in kicking off their “Forward Together” tour for the week.

Wednesday we got up bright and early and hit the road with the NAACP to go to church! Actually, we were helping with the “Forward Together” tour again, attending a number of stops in counties near Charlotte – they all happened to be at churches :-) . We met amazing people from several different areas of North Carolina. It was pretty cool helping out and we got to experience how this was more than just a tour – it’s a movement and we’re part of it! Throughout the week we had a few one-on-one meetings and managed to get about 300 signatures on a petition opposing the Voter ID bill.

The Charlotte team is truly working hard to meet our goals and enjoying the experience as well. Onward!

Facia Johnson – Charlotte Team

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