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  • Paul H says:

    This is simply hypothetical, who knows what could have happened. He would then turn to us in the Pacific. He would first have to finish the rest of England in North Africa along with us. We can assume he does this though (for sake of the theory). Then what would he do? Sent troops to the Pacific or head to North America. Or maybe he would have went for Spain (who was a unofficial ally of Germany). Lets say Spain signs a alliance with German and they take Portugal. Europe united he decides to invade North America knowing that would help in the Pacific by forcing US troops back home. But where does he invade? Canada? The East Coast? I think it would be Mexico poorly defended shores and a country who declared war on Germany. With a surprise landing in Mexico his troops quickly demolish any resistance setting up a puppet government (much like France). Taking most of the Caribbean then Hitler would have to decided where to attack next. By this time it is 1944 and China and the Pacific all the way to Hawaii has fallen to the Axis. With the Japanese readying a attack on the western states and Germany also readying for a attack the United States ask for a treaty, only getting a offer that would require them to abandon democracy. Weeks after America declines the truce offer a combination of German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and other Axis troops launch the largest assault in world history. German paratroopers land in Northern Colorado while there tanks push forward from the Mexico border. A amphibious German landing takes place in North East Florida and the Carolina’s. Italian troops land on the beaches of North eastern Canada quickly taking the Great lakes. Short after Canada surrenders. Meanwhile Japan lands in Washington and Oregon receiving support from the Italians in the North. They push the Americans to Southern California where they make a gallant but failed effort to hold. The German and Italians have a hard fought battle trying to meet up and after nearly a year finally do in what is now Pennsylvania. While that fighting was going on the paratroopers and tanks from Mexico meet up with the Japanese and Italians in California leaving only the Midwest left. The year is 1947 and Hitler has just dies of a massive heart attack. Around 13 million Jewish people have been killed (almost all in Europe). The middle east is completely under German control, the Islam religion is banned and failure to follow this puts you in a concentration camp. From China to Spain is German the empire is larger then the Rome empire. And America is on the verge of falling. For over a year German and Italian relentless bombings have been brutal on any reaming American resistance. Until the Axis launch one final massive offensive crushing any remaining resistance. America falls in 1948 in the western Kentucky where the standing president unconditionally surrenders. Hitlers successor, Karl Dönitz forces South America to put puppet governments in or be eradicated by there newest weapon the nuclear bomb. There only choice is to accept. The Germans send SS. to round up any Jewish people to send to there new concentration camps. There are 3 new ones in Mexico, 5 New ones in West America and 4 in the East. The Jewish death count is nearly 20 million now. Wanted a perfect race Karl nukes major city’s in Africa killing millions. Spreading disease through out millions more die, any coming near the German border in the Northern African states were shot on site. And body of African decent were sent to concentration camps as well as any Native Americans. By 1953 any reaming resistance was gone and the total death count of the war was 250 million and counting. Karl had a Aryan race in in all of Europe (except Spain). He controlled the entire world. The third Reich was set for a thousand years of power. This is simply hypothetical, who knows what could have happened.

    August 1, 2013 at 7:37 pm
  • Cory B says:

    In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote about how he would love to govern the United States. I doubt he would have stopped at Europe. America would have been his next ambition. And all the British colonies in Africa would have become German. And British India and Australia and Canada and New Zealand. But luckily Britain won the Battle of Britain and the Russians stopped them from taking Moscow. That’s why I’ll always respect my Great Grandparents.

    August 1, 2013 at 9:07 pm
  • Cory B says:

    I love theoretical questions like this. Opinion- Hitler if his forces defeated both the allies and that of the soviets would of consolidated powers and spread the nazi propaganda machine across the entire world. You must understand it wasn’t the act of arms that beat hitler. It was the ideology of people standing up commonly for a cause greater than they themselves. Hitler no doubt would of sought out right power through every single block of Europe unchecked. He’d of established a new German Empire with himself as absolute power. The emperor system that closed at the end of WW1 was of patriotic and loving duty. Hitler instilled upon his people a ZEAL that was unmatched. They would of no doubt trounced the middle east. Africa as well as eventually Asia with his allies being the Japanese. No doubt we Americans would never of seen Hawaii or Alaska as our own. Now Hitler wanted NOTHING to do with America, as a matter of fact people like Prescot Bush actually funded his campaigns. However eventually Hitler having a hold in Alaska would set off towards Canada since the brits were long lost. This would of lead to a North American confrontation. This is just in my opinion and having studied the man that was Hitler I can say this. He would never of been satisfied. He’d of no doubt used sympathizers in the US many whom were wealthy to stage a armed coup. This actually ALL nearly happened.

    August 2, 2013 at 2:34 am
  • WTF says:

    Well a simple answer to that is basically if you have/had the smallest of imperfections you would not be able to even write that question because you where dead , however if you where perfect you would just speak German .

    August 2, 2013 at 5:45 am
  • Cory B says:

    Well if they fell in 1942 then that would mean America lost as well so the world is screwed. Its already 1942 America is involved in the War so how could you say Hitler has no interest in America

    August 2, 2013 at 7:47 am

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