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Kidnapped teen Hannah Anderson to reunite with dad Sunday

(RNN) – Hannah Anderson, the teen abducted by family friend James DiMaggio six days ago, will reunite with her father in an Idaho hospital Sunday.

Anderson, 16, was found safe as an FBI tactical agent shot and killed her captor, James Lee DiMaggio, 40, early Saturday evening in Idaho. According to CNN, law enforcement says an agent shot and killed the suspect during an attempt to arrest him.

DiMaggio and Hannah were found near a campsite “deep in the Idaho wilderness” 40 miles outside of Cascade, Idaho after being spotted in the air by a FBI hostage recovery team, according to the Associated Press.

“Suspect James Lee DiMaggio was shot and killed by an FBI tactical agent assigned to an FBI headquarters unit. Hannah Anderson was located with DiMaggio. She appears well and was rescued and will be transported to a hospital in Idaho,” said San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore at a press conference early Saturday evening.

Doctors will evaluate Hannah before investigators interview her.

Nearly 250 representatives from various law enforcement agencies – including 150 FBI officers – began searching a wilderness area of western Idaho Friday, after two hikers spotted DiMaggio and Anderson hiking. Reports on Thursday came from people who saw a blue Nissan Versa without a license plate. The car matched the description of the vehicle DiMaggio drove.

The blue Nissan Versa belonging to DiMaggio was found “covered in brush” in a part of Idaho on Friday, according to investigators. Police found the car after a man on horseback reported seeing two people who looked like DiMaggio and Anderson hiking in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.

“Hannah is safe, and that was our first priority from the very beginning,” said Valley County, Idaho Sheriff Patti Bolen. “We are so appreciative of all our law enforcement partners and members of our community, who all played a role in bringing Hannah home.”

The man, who did not recognize the pair until he had seen their images on TV, said he saw them Thursday night with camping gear. DiMaggio was a known outdoorsman, and police warned he might have been camping in rural areas.

“At this point everything points to the fact that this is a kidnapping – that she left against her will. We have nothing that indicates that she went voluntarily,” said San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Larry Nesbit.

The five-day manhunt for DiMaggio began Aug. 4, when DiMaggio’s home was found in flames by firefighters. Inside the home, the body of Hannah’s mother, Christina Anderson, 44, was found. The remains of Hannah’s 8-year-old brother, Ethan, were also in the home, according to the Associated Press.

The Los Angeles Times reported Christina Anderson died of blunt force trauma, possibly the result of being struck with a crowbar.

DiMaggio’s home was located outside of San Diego, close to the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to the Associated Press, DiMaggio was seen as an uncle to Hannah and her brother and is described by the teen’s father Brett Anderson as a best friend.

It was later discovered during the manhunt that DiMaggio has an “unusual infatuation” with Hannah, although hints to that infatuation went unseen by the family.

“This was a homicide suspect that was in a very rugged area and we have a 16-year-old girl who we wanted to bring home safely. That is what we wanted. We wanted it to end safely. We wanted her home and that’s exactly what happened,” said Ada County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Andrea Dearden.

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