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LOD: Bill to Promote Voter Fraud

In case you’ve been waiting to see the much anticipated “Screw the Voter Act of 2013,” it was filed today by Rep. Edgar Starnes, NC House Majority Leader. This is not the voter ID bill, that’s coming later. This is actually a bill to Promote Voter Fraud! House Bill 451 creates new barriers to Early Voting, which will put more pressure on Election Day and cause longer lines, more hassles, and more mistakes. But it makes it easier to vote using mail-in absentee ballots, which is actually the way most voter fraud is committed! Republicans are ready to manipulate the election process in this sick way because they think they gain an advantage with more mail-in voting and less Early Voting.

This same bill also eliminates the public financing program for judges and makes all judicial elections partisan rather than nonpartisan. It repeals Same Day Registration, slices a week off Early Voting, bans Sunday voting during Early Voting, and eliminates straight-party voting. Sick, very sick.

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