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LOD: Bring in the Feds

The US Department of Justice last month decided to challenge anti-voting laws in Texas. Here’s a petition to sign to encourage US-DOJ to take action in North Carolina, too! North Carolina’s new anti-voting monster law appears designed to make voting harder for groups that Republican leaders think don’t support them. For example, women are 64% of the voters who don’t have a NC photo ID, according to the State Board of Elections. Young people are targeted, too: state-issued student IDs are not acceptable and the pre-registration program for teenagers ends. African Americans are especially hit hard: They are 50% more likely than whites to register by using Same Day Registration, to vote by using Straight Ticket Voting, and to NOT have a NC photo ID. In addition to requiring a photo ID, the new law ends SDR and STV! On the other hand, whites are 60% more likely to use mail-in absentee ballots – and the new law makes forms to get mail-in ballots easier to obtain!

Even though a recent US Supreme Court decision undermines part of the Voting Rights Act, other sections remain in force. The Justice Department aims to use those sections to stop the discriminatory election changes in Texas. In taking the action, US Attorney General Eric Holder said, the Department is “determined to use every tool at our disposal to stand against discrimination wherever it is found.” Given the racial bias embedded in North Carolina’s redistricting plans and anti-voting Monster Law, let’s sign the petition to urge Holder to take action here. Please forward this or the petition link to others:

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