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LOD: Caucus Quid Pro Quo?

After a review of the changing landscape in the NC General Assembly, reporter Jordan Green of YES! Weekly provides an in-depth analysis of the NC Republican House Campaign Committee. According to its plan of organization, it is responsible for “recruiting candidates and raising funds for use in electing Republicans to the North Carolina House.” Donations to the caucus committee are mandatory for members in leadership positions. Jordan details the amounts raised and the positions, from Speaker Thom Tillis on down the chain, and he explores the possible quid-pro-quo arrangement that pushes caucus members to pony up money in return for the chairmanship of a powerful committee or another leadership post. This well-researched report complements links from the January 29th Link of the Day.

Here’s another angle on possible quo-pro-quos: The House Republican Caucus, Senate Democratic Caucus and other caucuses are raising money right now from donors who have issues before the General Assembly – see this article from WRAL-TV. Payday lenders, video-poker operators, Duke Energy or other interests could legally pour thousands into these accounts just as legislators are debating bills vital to their interests. We should at least have thorough and frequent disclosure of the caucus committees’ fundraising, but the current law says they only need to file a report on July 26 for activity during the first six months of 2013; by then, the legislative session will likely be over.

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