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LOD: Count Voters by County

Mecklenburg County has seen a net increase of 14,700 Democrats and 26,100 black voters since 2008, but a loss of 13,900 Republicans and 11,800 white voters, after taking into account deaths, moves, and party registration changes. By contrast, next door in Gaston County, Democrats have lost 2,400 members over the past five years while Republicans added about 800 and voters with no party affiliation jumped by 6,100; the number of white voters held steady, but registrations of African Americans increased by more than 2,500.

The differences in these neighboring counties illustrate the wide variations in the make-up of voters across North Carolina’s 100 counties, according to an analysis by Democracy North Carolina. Read the report here and view TWO worksheets on this one Excel file that present the Numbers and Percents for changes in voter registration by party, race, ethnicity and gender for all 100 counties, from 2008 to 2013. . . .

In 36 counties, the number of registered voters actually declined from November 2008 to November 2013 – which means new registrations did not offset the number of voters dying or moving away. . . .

In 44 of the 100 counties, unaffiliated voters already outnumber either the Democrats or Republicans. . . While the once-dominant Democratic Party is seeing its statewide share of the electorate fall, Republicans have lost share, too, and an even larger share than Democrats in 13 counties since Nov. 2008, when the two parties hit their peak membership. The 13 counties include the state’s seven largest: Mecklenburg, Wake, Guilford, Forsyth, Durham, Cumberland, and Buncombe. . . .

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