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LOD: County-by-County Turnout

A Democracy North Carolina report today compares voter turnout rates among 30 subgroups of voters in all 100 counties. WRAL-TV combined today’s report with an earlier release looking at statewide participation rates to write a story that begins: “A new analysis of voter turnout data for the November 2012 election proves North Carolina has earned its reputation as a swing state. Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney evenly split the 10 counties with the highest turnout. . . . Overall, turnout in 2012 was 68.3 percent – down slightly from 69.6 percent in 2008. Similar declines were apparent through most Democratic subgroups. Only Republicans posted gains in turnout. Republican women picked up a percentage point, from 72.3 percent in 2008 to 73.4 percent in 2012. GOP men made an even bigger gain, from 70.7 to 72.2 percent.” Read the statewide and county-by-county releases, summary of findings, and data sets. In what county did young voters achieve their highest turnout? What about African-American women or white men? Or Latinos?

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