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LOD: News: “Woman Bites Dog”

A new survey by a Republican polling firm finds that rascal legislators – especially Republican men – should think twice before destroying North Carolina’s embattled judicial public financing program. The poll, conducted by a firm that has worked for Sen. Jesse Helms and many leading conservatives, shows that 67 percent of Republican women especially like the fact that the program has increased female representation on the state’s top courts – and by a 57 percent majority, they are less likely to vote for lawmakers who end the public financing option and allow money to play a greater role in judicial elections.

A majority of the NC Supreme Court justices are now women for the first time in history – and all have used the program to win election. Overall, 80 percent of appellate court candidates have used the program, including all four African-Americans appellate judges elected since 2004 and eight of the ten Republicans who won contested elections. For more, see this link about the poll and this fact sheet about the program.

By the way, both Art Pope in the Governor’s budget and the Senate GOP in their budget have seized money in the Public Campaign Fund that was voluntarily designated by taxpayers to help protect the independence of the courts from big money; they want to force us back to privately financed elections so their wealth will have a man-made advantage.

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