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LOD: State House Fundraising, 2012

Last month, a link took you to an in-depth analysis of political fundraising involved in the 2012 election of the 50 members of the NC Senate. Here’s the link for NC FreeEnterprise Foundation’s analysis of the NC House races in 2012, including the role of outside spending groups, a look at the hottest contests, and a chart of the receipts, expenditures, transfers and net loans for each House candidate in the general election. The 19-page report begins, “In North Carolina’s historic 2010 General Election, Republicans reversed a 68-52 Democratic majority in the state House of Representatives to a 68-52 GOP advantage. In 2012, House Republicans expanded that majority by nine additional seats, capturing 77 of the chamber’s 120 districts. Clearly, the redrawing of congressional and state legislative district maps by the GOP-led General Assembly during the 2011 legislative session played a significant role in this result. Redistricting was not the only major factor, however, as House Republicans fielded a formidable team of candidates and were able to parlay their leadership of the chamber into a massive campaign war chest that Democratic House candidates were unable to match.”

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