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Losing unwanted fat as easy as taking a lunch break


Sheila Shepard is about to get lipo on her stomach. It’s a trouble spot that’s bothered her since she had her children.

“It’s just that stubborn belly fat,” said Sheila.

In less than hour Dr. Jeremy Hozjan promises he can give her a new waistline.

He says patients come to him if they need fat removed fast.

“What the I-lipo does is that it acts on the fat cells and it forces them to release or spill their contents into your circulatory system where then the fat is burned off in post treatment exercise,” said Dr. Hozjan.

“This is very quick 20 to 30 minute procedure.”

Hozjan says the I-Lipo body contouring system is much safer than the surgical fat removal procedures.

“There is no pain, there are no needles, there’s no downtime, there’s no additional diet or anything needed for this,” added Dr. Hozjan. 

“There is no risk of infection for this or scarring. It is a very low level laser specifically targeting the fat cells.”

Other plastic surgeons warn though that the results from I-lipo are not as permanent as the traditional procedure. 

“With this procedure we are not going to take somebody who is obese and make them skinny,” said Dr. Hozjan.

“But we will see reduction in the area that they want to treat. We will see skin tightening; we’ll see reduction in the appearance of cellulite.”

And Sheila says instant fat removal also has a confidence benefit.

“Just health, looking better, feeling better.”

i-Lipo is a FDA approved. Typically Dr. Hozjan recommends eight I-Lipo sessions in order to achieve about 12 percent reduction in body circumference.

This procedure doesn’t come cheap. The eight treatments will cost around $2500 dollars.

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