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Neighbors save dog from house fire started by dropped smoking materials

It was dramatic video captured from a neighbor’s cell phone. 

A large home in the University area was being torn apart by fire.

The call for help went out around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night. 

Charlotte firefighters said the flames started in the attic of the house on Amur Court, but right now aren’t sure why they began.

The husband and wife inside of the house were able to make it out without being injured, but one of their two beloved dogs was still trapped inside.

That’s when Alex Falieene sprung into action.

The neighbor braved the heavy smoke pouring out of the house, and was able to rescue the dog he found in one of the front rooms.

He was slightly injured, but not from the blaze.  He said the dog bit him several times.

“I just grabbed the dog and got out of there.” Falieene said.  “It bit me a couple of times on my arm and on my hand a little bit…nothing bad.”

Emergency crews said the couple will have to find another place to stay until repairs can be made to the home.

Fire officials say the fire was caused by carelessly disposed of smoking materials on the outside of the home.

Damage is estimated between $30,000 and $50,000.

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