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REGISTER: Citizens Lobby Day to End Gerrymandering

Join us March 1 at the NC legislature for the Citizens Lobby Day to End Gerrymandering.

This special Lobby Day brings together citizens from all across the state on Wednesday, March 1, beginning at 9 a.m. at the N.C. General Assembly. It’s organized by the NC Coalition for Lobbying & Government Reform, an unusually broad coalition that includes such groups as Democracy NC, Common Cause, State Employees’ Association, and John Locke Foundation! We all agree: we must end gerrymandering.

The purpose of the Lobby Day is simple: Speak directly to your state representatives and tell them why they should support a nonpartisan redistricting process. An independent commission could:

• Help end partisan gerrymandering;

• Prevent costly litigation and special elections; and

• Allow voters to pick their political representatives, not the other way around.

Up to this point, both Democrats and Republicans have taken advantage of their redistricting power by drawing maps that benefit the lawmakers in power. However, this year leaders from both parties are calling on their fellow legislators to adopt legislation that would finally create a nonpartisan process to draw our electoral maps.

Click here to let us know you’ll be with us on March 1. Once registered, the coaliton staff will contact you in the coming weeks with a Citizens Lobby Day toolkit and help connect you with your representatives.

Check-in on March 1 will start at 9:00 a.m. at the 1300 Courtyard inside the Legislative Building at 16 W. Jones Street, Raleigh. (It’s okay if you can’t make it by 9:00 – folks will be there to greet you throughout the morning.) Please sign up now >>

Can’t make it to Raleigh on March 1? That’s okay. Sign our petition in support of independent redistricting and we’ll deliver the message for you.

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