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Registering the Homeless to Vote

This week, we visited the Samaritan Ministries in Winston-Salem, NC to register more homeless people to vote. We want all social classes to be fired up and ready to vote in the municipal elections this year. We also want voters to be excited and eager to vote in the 2014 state elections.

fayIt was interesting talking with many homeless people, asking them about why people don’t vote. One gentleman at the Samaritan Ministries said that he doesn’t plan on voting because he does not trust the government and their laws. It is hard to get people to fully trust the government and believe that they can make a positive difference in the community. After asking numerous people to register to vote, we were grateful to get six who were willing to register. It is important to reach out to all social classes, as state laws affect everyone in North Carolina.

There needs to be a collective outreach in informing the homeless about ongoing issues in the General Assembly. Building awareness in the homeless shelter can help increase voter turnout in state and local elections. Low voter turnout is part of the reason why our General Assembly is not a strong representation of our democracy.

Charles Gray – Triad Team

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