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Remembering to Reach Our Uninformed Neighbors

On Wednesday of last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Chapel Hill stop of the statewide organizing tours being conducted by the North Carolina NAACP and various other organizations in the Historic Thousands on Jones Street coalition. In addition to thoroughly enjoying the Raging Grannies, I was struck with the level of enthusiasm and passion displayed by the activists who took the time to gather in the middle of the week, speaking out against the regressive and radical agenda of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Elected officials, community organizers, activists, clergy members, and impassioned citizens gathered to call the general public to action. The outrage expressed at our elected officials was overwhelming.

After all was said and done though, one subtle point made during the rally stuck with me, and is a key idea to keep in mind as activists gather in Raleigh today.

Jenn Frye, Associate Director of Democracy North Carolina, remarked that the crowd should remember to not only engage one another, but reach out to those who have no idea what is even happening in Raleigh right now.

As the masses march on Raleigh today for Mega Moral Monday, all should bear in mind that to reach the full potential for success this movement must serve as a catalyst for voter education.

That means activists must reach out to others in their community, uninformed folks who are often friends and neighbors, and involve these disengaged citizens in a conversation about the issues that affect them so greatly.

This movement sweeping the state, pushing back against the radical and regressive agenda of the legislature, has the potential to change the dialogue, but only if that discussion includes those folks who aren’t normally a part of the conversation.

Louis Duke – Communications Intern

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