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Teen hides in closet during home invasion

CHULA VISTA, CA (KGTV/CNN) – A California teen nearly came face to face with men who invaded her home.

While 15-year-old Doyin Oladipupo was home alone, she heard the security system activated.

The teen grabbed a phone, ran to her parents’ closet and called 911.

Moments later, three burglars made their way upstairs and to her parents closet. The robbers were so close to her, the dispatcher could hear the men’s voices.

“I was so scared,” said Oladipupo. “I could see them and I thought they were going to see me.”

The teen was worried that even in the dark closet; the burglars would see her bright new toenail polish.

The dispatcher told Oladipupo to communicate with her by tapping on the phone while she was in the proximity of the robbers.

“I was so still,” said Oladipupo.” I was like don’t move or they’ll see you.”

The police arrived shortly and retrieved the frightened teen from the closet. The robbers were detained in the driveway in a stolen vehicle.

Along with the stolen property of the Oladipupo family, officers found stolen goods from other home robberies.

“I don’t know how I did it honestly,” Oladipupo said. “When I think about it now, my heart just starts beating.”

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