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Tell Lawmakers: Stop the Packing of NC’s Supreme Court

The people have spoken. Last week, voters elected Michael Morgan, an African-American judge from Wake County, to serve on the North Carolina Supreme Court. That will shift the Court’s ideological make-up from a conservative to a liberal-leaning majority.

But multiple media outlets are reporting that leaders in the NC General Assembly plan to stifle Morgan’s voice – and yours! – by what’s known as “court packing.” They plan to add two seats to the NC Supreme Court and then let Gov. Pat McCrory appoint two new conservative justices before he leaves office.

Talk about rigging the system and corrupting democracy! This incredible abuse of power is set to happen in the upcoming special session of the General Assembly that is supposed to address Hurricane Matthew relief.

Help stop this outrageous move that will waste your tax dollars, undermine the independence of the courts, and overthrow the will of NC voters.

Tell your lawmakers: support the will of North Carolina’s voters, oppose the takeover of the state Supreme Court.

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