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This Christmas in Charlotte: not the warmest, coldest or snowiest


This year, Charlotte’s Christmas Day will be just about normal. Not bitterly cold, but no spring-like temperatures, either. Still, it will be too warm for a white Christmas on Tuesday. Here’s a look back on some of the extreme holiday weather of Christmases past.

If you were in Charlotte in 1955, it may stand out in your memory. That’s because on Christmas Day the high that year was a balmy 77°. That high temperature is more than 25° above normal.

The coldest Christmas was in 1983 when the low dropped to just 4°. A few flakes were reported in the area, but no snow officially fell that day at the airport. Think that’s cold? That same year, Grandfather Mountain reported a low of -21°, making it the coldest location ever seen on Christmas in the state of North Carolina.

While 1983 was certainly cold enough to snow, it didn’t. 1947 is the winner for the most snow. 5.8″ if snow fell on the Queen City that day.

While not a contender for an extreme, in 2010. 0.4″ of snow was reported in Charlotte.

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