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VICTORY! Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down NC Voting Restrictions

RICHMOND, Va. — A federal appeals court today struck down North Carolina’s restrictive omnibus voting law in a sweeping victory for voting rights, holding that it was “passed with racially discriminatory intent.” The ruling blocks voter ID and restores preregistration, a week of early voting, same-day registration, and out-of-precinct provisional voting.

Democracy North Carolina, the state’s largest voting rights organization, praised the ruling.

“We applaud the appeals court for recognizing the discriminatory intent behind the monster voter suppression law. The ruling makes clear that the North Carolina General Assembly cherry-picked its revisions to the law in order to suppress African-American and young voters. Today’s ruling begins to right that wrong.”

The state could seek to appeal the decision to the full bench of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals or to the Supreme Court, but it seems unlikely those courts will step in to restore the voter ID law and other voting-related changes in advance of the November election.

Through the work of Democracy North Carolina’s 2016 Vote Protector campaign, the organization was able to document problems and provide the Fourth Circuit with what the Raleigh News and Observer called the voter ID law’s “damning results” on March Primary Voters. 

Democracy North Carolina is currently recruiting poll monitors for an unprecedented Election Protection campaign this fall to help voters navigate this new landscape for voting in North Carolina.

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