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What’s Next? Voter Registration

This past Monday marked the 10th wave of Moral Mondays. Since Cassy and I have attended our fair share of Moral Mondays already, we decided to switch things up a bit and set up a voter registration table.  We envisioned registering an overwhelming number of people, but that did not happen.  But who knew having a voter registration table would be a way for us gain more volunteers who are eager to help in the future?

We did get two people registered, one of whom was registering for the first time, which was exciting! Many people came by our table and thanked us for what we were doing, which meant a lot.

We took the time to remind people that they need to update their voter registration if they have moved since the last election. Now that the legislative session is coming to an end, the next step will be getting people registered whether it is their first time voting, they’ve moved, or changed last names. This is vital because “we the people” need to get out and exercise our constitutional right by voting in the next election.

Every person matters and every vote counts!

Martina Evans – Greenville Team

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